Notre Impact


As a young Organisation, the CERN & Society Foundation has already made a difference in the lives of thousands of young people around the world.

Every year, the enormous generosity of the CERN & Society Foundation community transcends borders to create a better world through science. Together, we continue to spread the spirit of scientific curiosity, for the inspiration and benefit of society.

CERN is giving me the chance to foster my own path for my future
- Alberto Cifuentes, CERN non-Member State Summer student, 2017

Our Reach in 2022


" I believe that the CERN & Society Foundation  plays an important role in inspiring the next generation of scientists. As the students of today are potentially the scientists of tomorrow, it is our duty to encourage them to undertake a career in science and help them pursue this goal. I personally know some of them, whose career in science would not have been possible withouth the support of the Foundation. " 

Fabiola Gianotti-CERN Director-General


Our Operating Costs in 2022

Operating Costs 2022