Gulfairuz - Summer Student

Life at CERN

As a 21-year-old from Kazakhstan, Gulfairuz was determined to break social norms. She was ready to pursue her one true passion when she applied to the 2019 Non Member State Summer Student Programme.

Her decision to continue physics as a career was not so easy to digest in her social environment. She explains, “people believe that it is not easy to get a job if you are a physicist. It is not a ‘successful’ career option- especially for a girl.”

At CERN, Gulfairuz worked with ISOLDE and CERN MEDICIS, under the guidance of CERN scientists and technicians. She met students from around the world, worked with radioisotopes in-depth, and even took part in her first hackathon at CERN!

More importantly, Gulfairuz’s time at CERN inspired her to pursue her higher studies in the field of medical applications. With her zeal and positive outlook on life, she aspires to become a pioneer in this field back home in Kazakhstan, proving that there is no reason why a girl cannot become a successful physicist.