Discover the story of Mary from Kenya


Mary, a physicist from Kenya, has always been drawn to particle and theoretical physics.    

Despite being an astrophysicist by background, Mary was enticed by the idea of joining CERN as a non-Member State summer student (NMSSS).    

Following suggestions from her university lecturers, she applied to the programme and started her incredible journey with CERN.  

Happiness, nervousness, excitement and the best kind of fear – the fear that comes with stepping into the unknown.” 

At CERN, Mary was challenged in many ways. With the support of her supervisor, she had the chance to focus on her project on particle and theoretical physics and overcome what first seemed like daunting obstacles.   

Fascinated by the welcoming scientific community at CERN, she now envisages a career in the field of research, spanning from astrophysics to particle and theoretical physics.  

Aware of her capabilities, she also appreciates the boost that CERN has given her curiosity and appetite for physics.     

With a dream to further deepen her knowledge, Mary has learned from CERN “the true value of [her] work and how it can make a real difference to people’s lives”.