Aayush Desai - Competition Winner

Beamline for Schools,BL4S2018
Team Cryptic Ontics (Image: CERN)

Aayush Desai, member of the winning Indian team Cryptic Ontics for the 2018 Beamline for Schools Competition (BL4S) never thought he would pursue Physics as his major. Little did he know that a few days at CERN would change that decision! BL4S aims at inviting and engaging high-school students in a hands-on way through a scientific competition.

When he realized his team was one of the two winning teams for the BL4S Competition, his first reaction was a mix of disbelief and joy. Coming to CERN and getting to perform his own experiment seemed like a dream. But one thing was for sure – the team knew they had to up their game if they wanted definite results at the largest particle physics laboratory in the world.

He says, “the experience at CERN has gone a far way in deepening my understanding, while also keeping me abreast of the number of applications and opportunities. To see something like the Delay Wire Chamber (DWC) detector at work is genuinely amazing!”

Thanks to the BL4S Competition, each day at CERN was unforgettable for Aayush. He states, “CERN’s environment ensures that anybody, no matter their upbringing, can partake in its endeavour and give to the society. To see research giants, well into their retirement, coming back to CERN to stay in touch with the young blood and share their vast pool of knowledge, is inspiring.”

In awe with the scientific world, Aayush is now planning to pursue his undergraduate studies in Physics at Lund University, in Sweden.