CSF 10ème Anniversaire

A glimpse of the Foundation

The CERN & Society Foundation (CSF) is the philanthropic arm of CERN, the world's largest scientific centre devoted to probing the fundamental structure of the particles that make up everything around us.

It was the vision of Professor Rolf-Dieter Heuer, former CERN Director-General, Dame Anne Richards, the first Chair of the Foundation, and Professor Peter Jenni, Deputy Chair of the Foundation, for the CERN & Society Foundation to set out to expand and spread CERN’s spirit of scientific curiosity to the wider public.

Thanks to our donors, we have been fostering  education, technology and the arts for the last ten years. We have given talented students, teachers and artists from all over the world access to CERN’s ground breaking facilities and world-class education. The Foundation was created not only to awaken the youngest minds to the beauty of science but also to reinforce the existing dialogue between CERN and society at large.

Science Gateway Inauguration
Science Gateway on the inauguration day 

A key achievement in the dissemination of CERN’s spirit of scientific curiosity is the CERN Science Gateway. While science is commonly perceived by the general public as a complex topic, this unique centre for education and outreach aims to make science accessible to everyone and welcomes visitors from the age of five.

The Foundation also supports CERN’s efforts to push the frontiers of science and technology for the benefit of all. To gain a better understanding of the world around us, CERN is developing the world's largest and most complex scientific instruments. Some of these have strong potential to address existing global societal issues.

With your support, we can increase the maturity of such technologies in order to develop concrete applications for society. For instance, the CERN-MEDICIS project brings us closer every day to better diagnosing and perhaps even curing cancer.

Give us the chance to continue disseminating CERN’s spirit – embark on this unique journey with us!

Think about how science has impacted your life in the last ten years. What changes would you like to see in the next decade?

Be part of the change!