Your impact over 10 years

The CERN & Society Foundation celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2024. In this video you will find all its impacts on society, testimonies from our beneficiaries and how our donors feel about what has been done.  (Video: CERN)

Nos dernières campagnes

Make a difference in the lives of thousands of young people all over the world, foster creative synergies between science and culture, and improve people’s life by means of innovative technologies that address existing global challenges.

Join the #LIGHTtheirSpark Programme and shape the future of science!
Contribute to the training of teachers for greater education to all
Give students from less privileged countries the opportunity to research at CERN
Reaching new audiences by ‘going where the people are’


We don’t need anything but each other to do absolutely incredible things.

Don't miss the next public event at the Globe of Science and Innovation, organised with the support of the CERN & Society Foundation.

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