Amgen soutient le concours Ligne de faisceau pour les écoles (BL4S) 2019

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Amgen soutient le concours Ligne de faisceau pour les écoles (BL4S) 2019

lun 23/09/2019 - 13:56


The CERN & Society Foundation is happy to announce that the 2019 Beamline for Schools Competition (BL4S) will once again be supported by Amgen Switzerland for the second year running. We are delighted to count them amongst our partners who help us make the Competition possible, bringing so many young students closer to science.

It is thanks to supporters such as Amgen that we are able to continue opening the Competition to high school students from around the world. Every year, the competition ignites scientific curiosity in hundreds of students. The students work in teams to develop and submit a scientific proposal for an experiment they could run at CERN, using specialised equipment and infrastructure. Previous winners have investigated the structure of the pyramids, looked for particles that no-one has seen before, and even developed their own particle detector. Every year, two winning teams of up to 10 students each are selected, and invited to CERN to conduct their experiment.

BL4S is a CERN & Society project and, since 2014, has managed to engage 91 different countries, nearly 10’000 high-school students and 1’292 participating teams. You can find out more about the competition, the beamline and experimental facilities, and read about winning teams from previous years on the BL4S website

Participating teams and countries for the BL4S competition in 2019: