Receiving Arcadia Fund grant via Plazi grant in support of Zenodo

The CERN & Society Foundation receives Arcadia Fund grant via Plazi grant in support of Zenodo

Plazi and CERN have been working together to enhance online repositories for scientific publications and make them more accessible and easier to use for the research community. Plazi has been awarded a grant by the Arcadia Charitable Trust in order to increase the existing Biodiversity Literature Repository (BLR) and to reach a critical mass of data making the resulting repository and tools the de facto standards in the taxonomic community. In the context of two programmes, the TreatmentBank and the BLR, Plazi GmbH will rely on CERN's expertise and assistance in realising this project with new Zenodo functionalities to strengthen operations in the field.

Plazi is a Swiss association supporting and promoting the development of persistent and openly accessible taxonomic data and literature.

Zenodo is a research output publication and archival service built and developed by scientists from the CERN Information Technology department, to ensure that everyone can join in Open Science. Based on the open source Invenio digital library framework, Zenodo was created through the OpenAIRE project and is hosted at CERN.

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