Programmes nationaux pour les enseignants

Spanish language teacher program
vv (Image: CERN)
When you leave CERN you feel richer in knowledge and experiences. I already thought of a project to propose to my students, I can’t wait!
- Participant Italian Teacher programme 2018


At CERN, we are dedicated to scientific research and we work to create a world where high-quality, scientific education is universally available. We are pleased to share our knowledge with educators world-wide via CERN’s Teacher Programmes. The Programmes are intended for high school science teachers, and offered on-site at CERN to promote the teaching of modern physics. The National Teacher Programmes are brief (up to 1 week) but intensive at the same time. The programmes include lectures from CERN scientists, hands-on activities and dedicated sessions as to how teachers can bring physics and CERN’s expertise into the school classroom. Subject to the availability of lectures speaking the same language, the Programmes are offered in the participants’ national language for maximum comprehension.

Since the beginning of the Programme in 1998, about 11’500 high school teachers were trained at CERN. Every year, around 40 national courses take place in 21 languages.

The costs of all scientific, administrative and technical support for the Programmes, such as scientific content and provision of national language facilitators, lecturers and guides, as well as all necessary infrastructure are paid by CERN. However, CERN does not cover the costs of travel and other necessities, which often represent a barrier for teachers to attend a Programme.