At Arts at CERN we pioneer new ways of bringing together artists and scientists, lead the conversation about art and science, and support artistic innovation and openness to research environments.
- Monica Bello, Curator and Head of Arts at CERN.


Arts at CERN, the Laboratory's distinguished arts programme, facilitates meaningful exchanges between the realms of art and science. Each of Arts at CERN’s programmes is crafted in collaboration with cultural institutions, other partner laboratories, cities and artistic communities that are eager to connect with CERN's research, support our activities and contribute to a global network of art and science.

  • Art residencies: Arts at CERN invites artists from all creative disciplines to spend dedicated time within CERN and in dialogue with CERN’s community. Through these experiences, artists gain firsthand insight into the pursuit of fundamental questions about the universe through particle physics. 
  • Collide is our international residency award organised every three years in partnership with a city. It invites artists from around the world to further their artistic practice in connection with fundamental science. 
  • Connect, launched in 2021 in collaboration with the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia, serves as a global platform for dialogue between artistic and scientific communities. It offers two residency opportunities: one at CERN for Swiss-based artists, and another combined residency at CERN and an international location in collaboration with prestigious scientific and cultural organisations, such as those in Chile, South Africa, and India.
  • Art Commissions: Arts at CERN supports the production of new artworks following the artists’ research and time spent in the Laboratory, and with the support of the scientific partners, experiments, companies and institutions.
  • Exhibitions & Events: Our exhibitions and events extend the reach of our artistic programmes, creating dialogues with audiences interested in science and culture.

If you also believe in the combined creative power of art and science to explore and make sense in the universe, please help us keep the dialogue going.