Découvrez l'histoire de Jenan de Palestine


Jenan, a physicist from the Palestinian territories, was enthusiastic about the prospect of joining a prestigious institution like CERN. During the non-Member State summer student programme (NMSSS), she discovered a lot about herself.  

 “The trust bestowed upon me to work with intricate equipment alone, though intimidating at first, has been empowering.”   

As well as making scientific breakthroughs and facing intellectual challenges, Jenan developed confidence in her abilities. She successfully improved her communication skills and delved deeper into her research, appreciating how her ideas and insights were valued by those around her.   

She describes this opportunity as a “catalyst for self-growth” which taught her “a unique way to approach and solve problems”.  

In the future, Jenan would like to continue her career in the field of experimental physics and bring what she has learned at CERN back to Palestine.   

Jenan also hopes to return to CERN during her Master’s or PhD studies. Her goal is to contribute to complex experiments, thus continuing to improve her self-confidence in physics and research.