Anne Sylvie Henchoz and Julie Lang - Artistes


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Portrait of artists-in-residence Anne-Sylvie Henchoz and Julie Lang. Arts at CERN (Image: CERN)


Anne Sylvie Henchoz, artist and performer, and Julie Lang, researcher in the intersection of sociology and art history, completed a residency at CERN from October 2018 to February 2019 as part of Collide Geneva.

In the first months I spent at CERN, I had many conversations and encounters that were significant to me because they allowed me to merge into a new world with new rules, new ways of thinking, new desires and new notions of the possible. These encounters transformed my thoughts[…]. For me, this residency was the beginning of new perspectives in my practice that I am exploring right now’, affirms Anne Sylvie

During their residency, the artistic duo focused on developing the art piece. In this joint project, they intended to express experimental formats that interpret fundamental science, specifically analogies between the human body and fundamental particles. Bodily and choreographic perspectives were used as research tools, as well as imagination, speculation and memory.

The artwork was presented in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) in September 2019 in the framework of Camp Serrapilheira consisting of an immersive environment that included text, voice, sound and video.