Stemiverse : au cœur des programmes d'entreprenariat du CERN

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Stemiverse : au cœur des programmes d'entreprenariat du CERN

ven 10/05/2019 - 11:06


With his podcast Stemiverse, Dr Peter Dalmaris touches upon exciting topics around the universe of STEM Education with worldwide experts and educators.

Earlier this year, Peter interviewed Jeff Wiener, CERN Teacher Programmes Manager, in an inspiring podcast that really left us wanting more. This March, he turned his microphone again in CERN’s direction, specifically to talk to Ranveig Strøm, CERN Entrepreneurship Development Officer, currently working in the Knowledge Transfer (KT) group and responsible for entrepreneurship activities within the Organization.

In this particular episode of the podcast, Peter and Ranveig discuss the importance of the KT group’s work, whose ultimate mission is to promote innovation at CERN whilst engaging with experts in science, technology and industry to open up new opportunities for the transfer of CERN’s technology.

Ranveig also sheds light on an exceptional training taking place at CERN for future entrepreneurs: the CERN Entrepreneurship Student Programme (CESP). Aimed at Master’s level students for a period of 5 weeks, this programme provides the unique opportunity to receive hands-on experience in developing high-tech start-ups, with the guidance and mentorship of the CERN’s Knowledge Transfer group.

CESP is funded via private donations thanks to the support of the CERN & Society Foundation, the charitable arm of CERN, whose aim is to spread CERN’s scientific curiosity for the inspiration and benefit of society.

Check the full video of the podcast.

CESP second edition is starting this summer at CERN. Learn more about CESP by visiting this website.