Sparks! Forum launch
CERN is launching an annual two-day multidisciplinary science innovation forum and public event- Sparks! (Image: CERN)


With the support of the CERN & Society Foundation, CERN launched an annual two-day multidisciplinary science innovation forum and public event. Sparks!, the serendipity forum at CERN, will bring together renowned scientists from diverse fields around the world, along with decision-makers, representatives of industry, philanthropists, ethicists, and the public to bring a novel, multi-faceted approach to addressing some of the big questions of our time

The aim is to foster a new community and develop a platform to spark innovation in issues related to science, technology, engineering and mathematics that are relevant to society, necessary for CERN, and that further CERN’s mission of science for peace

Now more than ever, today’s complex problems require knowledge from more than just one field. Multidisciplinary discussion and collaboration is essential, yet few platforms exist offering opportunities for such interaction. As a center of excellence in science and technology, and one of the largest centers of collaborative research in the world, CERN can establish itself as the place where these multidisciplinary discussions take place.

Our mission is to develop a community and a platform to Spark Innovation in STEM issues that are relevant to society and align with CERN’s mission of science for peace.


Sparks! launched on 26th November 2020 and will continue with a cycle of three pilot events from 2021 to 2023, each focusing on a single theme to test the concept. The theme for this first edition in 2021 is Future Intelligence. Visit for more details