Enlight Training


These days, hadron therapy is a term appearing more and more frequently in the news and media. It has become part of the vocabulary that scientists use to talk about the latest advancements, bringing new hope in cancer treatment.

The ENLIGHT- European Network for Light Ion Hadron Therapy - programme offers immeasurable value, both from a training perspective and from the opportunity to join the ENLIGHT network of experts and experienced practitioners. There are three types of trainings available, ranging from introductory training to internship opportunities. The program is aimed at research students around the world studying particle therapy, who are in their final years of undergraduate studies or beyond. Depending on their education level, students can follow and benefit from one or more training cycles offered at CERN and/or other research and clinical facilities involved with the ENLIGHT network. 

Our aspirations:

  • to provide young researchers in particle therapy with an opportunity for high-level multidisciplinary education and training with the involvement of leading experts in the field;
  • to establish a worldwide network of young scientists engaged in information and knowledge sharing, and reaching out to emerging countries globally;
  • to reinforce the hadron therapy field with qualified experts who can further develop and diffuse the therapeutic techniques worldwide;
  • to demonstrate how fundamental research can be linked with and provide viable solutions to critical issues like cancer for the benefit of society.