Summer Programme launched for Entrepreneurship Students

Summer Programme launched for Entrepreneurship Students

Mon, 12/03/2018 - 10:25



Building bridges: students will work closely with experts on knowledge transfer and entrepreneurship (Image: Jeff Wiener /CERN)

At CERN, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of science and technology to bring concrete benefits to society. We do this through collaboration and building bridges: between scientists, nations and different disciplines. Recognising and valuing entrepreneurship as major factor for economic growth, CERN is bringing together science and business.

The CERN Entrepreneurship Student Programme (CESP), the first of its kind at CERN, is key in CERN’s effort to cultivate a culture of entrepreneurship and nurture a younger generation of high-tech entrepreneurs. CESP targets entrepreneurship students at the Master’s level, and utilises CERN's scientific expertise and knowledge to provide a technological dimension to the students’ training and education.

In the summer of 2018, 10 Master's students from across the globe will have an unprecedented opportunity of a 5-week residency at CERN. The students will receive coaching and training on technology-driven venture creation and will work alongside experienced CERN Knowledge Transfer professionals.

“CESP gives us a unique opportunity to introduce CERN technologies and know-how to the next generation of high-tech entrepreneurs,” explains Giovanni Anelli, CERN’s Knowledge Transfer Group Leader. “It combines two ingredients that are important to CERN, training and entrepreneurship, and is a way for us to maximise the impact of CERN’s knowledge on society, while contributing to economic growth.”

Explore – Evaluate – Exploit is the motto that will guide the students during their residency and will encourage them to put theory into practice, with the final goal to develop concepts for new ventures.

CESP is an Education & Outreach project within the CERN & Society Foundation, established to enhance CERN’s beneficial footprint on society. In 2018, CESP is made possible thanks to the generous support from Strangeworks, a US-based Quantum Computing Company founded by serial entrepreneur William Hurley, who is widely known as 'whurley'. “Strangeworks is incredibly excited to be the inaugural sponsor of the CERN Entrepreneurship Student Programme. As part of our commitment to building bridges in the physics, mathematics, and computer science communities we see entrepreneurship playing a key role in creating the foundation and empowering these students to apply world-changing scientific advances to practical entrepreneurial successes,” affirms whurley.

“We are thrilled to join forces with Strangeworks to make the CERN Entrepreneurship Student Programme a reality in 2018,” says Matteo Castoldi, Head of CERN’s Partnerships & Fundraising. “Whurley is a great advocate of open knowledge and science, one of the main principles CERN is based upon, and is such an established entrepreneur himself. We share the vision to create the next generation of entrepreneurs with the CERN Entrepreneurship Student Programme. We are grateful for his trust and support!”

Don’t miss this unique opportunity! Applications will open on Thursday, 15 March.



The deadline for submissions is 30 April 2018.

CESP runs from 6 August to 7 September 2018.