HSSIP and ENLIGHT training: latest additions to the Foundation

HSSIP and ENLIGHT training: latest additions to the Foundation

Wed, 24/01/2018 - 10:59


The New Year has brought exciting developments to CERN & Society. The Education & Outreach programme of activities is now enlarged with the addition of two very promising projects. These projects aim to extend CERN’s positive impact on society through training and education. 

High-School Students Internship Programme

Hungarian students visit SM18 during the HSSIP 2017 (Image: Julien Marius Ordan /CERN)

The High-School Students Internship Programme (HSSIP) targets high-school students aged 16 to 19 years of age, who will have the chance to gain practical experience on science, technology and innovation at the world’s largest particle physics laboratory.

Discovering STEM in the CERN context and environment, strengthening their understanding of science, developing their scientific thinking, and getting a better look of the wide spectrum of career opportunities in a big scientific laboratory such as CERN are just some examples of what the HSSIP will offer to about 120 students annually.

The HSSIP had 116 high-school students from 5 piloting countries in 2017. This year we will welcome more students from the Czech Republic, Israel, the Netherlands, Poland, and Sweden.

In the years to come, the project will need additional support so that more students can benefit from this exciting education opportunity.

ENLIGHT training

Training session organised by the ENLIGHT network in 2016 (Image: ENLIGHT)

The European Network for Light Ion Hadron Therapy (ENLIGHT) was established in 2002 to coordinate European efforts in hadron therapy and promote education and training in the field. Hadron therapy is an innovative technique for treating various cancers using hadron beams and make cancer treatment more effective in the future.

CERN, in the framework of ENLIGHT is offering education and training opportunities to students from all over the world through a new project, ENLIGHT training, which has just been added to the CERN & Society portfolio of projects.

With a large increase in dedicated particle therapy centres and with innovative medical imaging techniques making their way into hospitals, skilled experts for high-tech cancer treatment are in high demand, which is what the ENLIGHT training will address.

The benefits lie, not only in reinforcing the hadron therapy field with qualified multidisciplinary groups of experts, but especially in helping young scientists flourish in the future.

External support is crucial for the HSSIP and ENLIGHT training. Each and every donation can help expand the training of young people and inspire future generations of scientists.  

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