Highlights from the Greek Teacher Programme 2017

Highlights from the Greek Teacher Programme 2017

Wed, 06/09/2017 - 13:22


For the second consecutive year, the Greek Teacher Programme was funded in part by the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation, within the framework of the CERN & Society programme.

60 science teachers from all around Greece and 4 teachers from Cyprus attended a 4-day intensive learning experience at CERN. Through lectures offered by Greek CERN scientists, the teachers had the opportunity to gain insight into the latest developments in the fields of particle physics, computing, accelerator technology, etc. Hands-on workshops complemented the theory and offered the teachers activities suitable for straightforward replication in the classroom with appropriate basic equipment.

Greek Teachers during the Perimeter Institute workshop in CERN's S’Cool LAB (Image: Sophia Elizabeth Bennett /CERN)

“I believe that every fellow teacher should live this unique experience!”

“I had the opportunity to update my current knowledge, but also learn more about physics, things I had only heard from the media. I can now better respond to my students’ questions not only about CERN and the work you are doing here, but also about the microcosm and the universe.”

“I would recommend to all my colleagues to seize this opportunity to widen their horizons!”

“It is a once in a lifetime opportunity! The dream of my life, and I believe of any physicist who really loves physics, came true!”

Greek Teachers investigate the mysterious nature of Dark Matter during the Perimeter Institute workshop in CERN's S’Cool LAB (Image: Sophia Elizabeth Bennett /CERN)

Those are just a few of the enthusiastic quotes received by the teachers who attended the 2017 Programme. For many of them, the support provided by the CERN & Society Foundation, thanks to the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation’s donation, was also key to their participation.

“[The partial funding of the project] has made my decision to participate easier. Especially in those difficult days for Greece, when teachers are among the lowest paid public servants.”

“The partial funding was instrumental to my decision to participate in the programme. Despite my long-lasting wish to visit CERN, my participation in the programme could not have been realised save for this funding, due to the financial difficulties all Greek teachers face nowadays.”

The Greek Teacher Programme is a CERN & Society project. To learn more about CERN & Society activities and how you can be involved, visit the dedicated page.