Good news for the participants of CERN-UNESCO School on Digital Libraries in Ghana!

A few months ago, 30 librarians and IT specialists from 8 different African countries gathered together in Kumasi (Ghana), where CERN experts introduced them to digital libraries, teaching them how to use the Invenio digital library software developed at CERN.

Image: J. Vigen/CERN

With the aim of increasing the impact of African researchers’ work, the 2016 School on Digital Libraries gave participants the possibility to deepen their understanding of digital libraries, discover new trends in scientific publishing, as well as a set of principles related to open access, both for data and publications, crucial to promoting open science.

This is not the end though. For some of the 2016 participants, the School will continue this June at CERN. In fact, 6 selected attendees of the Ghana School have been invited at CERN to join a more advanced and in-depth training on digital libraries. During three follow-up weeks, the participants will be able to gain yet new knowledge on open access and digital libraries, while profiting from a unique learning and networking opportunity at the world’s largest laboratory in particle physics.

The CERN-UNESCO School on Digital Libraries is a CERN & Society project and the 2016 School in Ghana was made possible thanks to a generous donation by Ms Margarita Louis-Dreyfus.

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