Fund Ernest Solvay supports Beamline for Schools Competition 2018

Fund Ernest Solvay supports Beamline for Schools Competition 2018

Fri, 02/02/2018 - 10:47


The Beamline for Schools Competition (BL4S) is once again being funded in part by the Fund Ernest Solvay, managed by the King Baudouin Foundation. The Fund has been one of the first organisations to understand the value of the project in bringing young students closer to science. The primary aim of the Fund Ernest Solvay is to promote interest in scientific and technological training and development, both in Belgium and abroad. The Fund achieves this by supporting initiatives in both education and entrepreneurship in science and technology, such as in chemistry, physics, biology, mathematics and earth sciences.

The grant received from the Fund Ernest Solvay is a valuable step toward making the 2018 Competition possible and giving hundreds of young students from all over the world the opportunity to get hands-on with science. Students will work on a scientific proposal for an experiment they may ultimately carry out at CERN as the prize of the Competition. BL4S has so far engaged almost 7,000 high-school students and more than 700 teachers with Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), to nurture and inspire the next generation of scientists and innovators. We are proud of this achievement.

To find out more about the competition, CERN's beamline and experimental facilities, and to read about winning teams and experiments from previous years, please go to the BL4S website

BL4S is a CERN & Society project supported by external voluntary funding. To learn more about CERN & Society activities and how you can be involved, visit the dedicated page.