Ernes Solvay grants fund for Non- Member State Summer Student Programme

For the third consecutive year, the Non-Member State Summer Student Programme is funded in part by the Fund Ernest Solvay, managed by the Kind Baudouin Foundation. The primary aim of the Fund Ernest Solvay is to promote interest in scientific and technological training and development, both in Belgium and abroad. It does this by supporting initiatives in both education and entrepreneurship in areas of science and technology such as chemistry, physics, biology, mathematics and earth sciences.

This grant will contribute to the scientific training of promising young people, offering the opportunity for a placement in CERN’s 2017 summer internships programme, during which students from all over the world receive an intensive 8-week-long scientific training, attend lectures and work on laboratory-based projects alongside with CERN experts and fellow students. In 2016 alone, CERN hosted 137 students from 59 countries around the globe, resulting in an overall participation of more than 1,000 students since the Programme officially started in 2003.

The Non-Member State Summer Student Programme is a CERN & Society project supported by external voluntary funding. To learn more about CERN & Society activities and how you can be involved, visit the dedicated page.