CERN & Society Foundation

“2017 marks the CERN & Society Foundation’s fourth year of activity, with a growing number of beneficiaries and partners worldwide. In only a short period of time the CERN & Society Foundation has made a difference to the lives of thousands worldwide and we are proud of everything we have achieved so far in the service of science. We owe this increasing impact to all of you - our invaluable donors and partners - for your continuous support, and are grateful for your unfailing engagement.”

With the words of Anne Richards, president of the CERN & Society Foundation, we introduce to you the 2017 CERN & Society Foundation Annual Review

This is a great opportunity to thank you all, donors and partners, for the generous and uplifting support that has made all of this possible. More exciting news for the Foundation will come soon and we are counting on all of you to keep changing the world together.