CERN Entrepreneurship Student Programme (CESP)

CERN Entrepreneurship Student Programme (CESP)

Tue, 11/04/2017 - 15:26


Image: D. Dominguez/CERN

You may wonder what the link between CERN, the world’s largest scientific research laboratory in particle physics, and entrepreneurship is. Beyond high-energy physics and a long tradition of scientific excellence, CERN has also been the incubator of new technologies and inventions often translated into new products and services leading to the creation of start-ups. From medical/ biomedical technologies and aerospace applications to occupational safety, the environment and the industry, CERN technologies, and emerging ones that CERN is contributing to, are translated into concrete impact on society.

Recognising and valuing entrepreneurial development as a key factor for economic growth, CERN is contributing to build a culture of entrepreneurship. For us, this is all about building bridges: between engineers and financers, between physicists and marketers, and more generally between science and business. In this context, CERN is ramping up its attention to entrepreneurship education and high-quality, hands-on training, which can complement and reinforce the theoretical education offered at Universities.

This is where the CERN Entrepreneurship Student Programme, or CESP in short, enters the picture. The CESP is the latest addition to the CERN & Society Programme focusing on youth and education, with the ambition to nurture a younger generation of high-tech entrepreneurs. Through a 5-week, intensive training onsite at CERN, master-level students from anywhere in the world will have the opportunity to put in practise and test their knowledge and business ideas, using CERN technologies as case studies. Explore – Evaluate - Exploit is the motto that will guide students during their residency under the supervision and coaching of CERN experts.

 “CESP gives us a unique opportunity to introduce CERN technologies and know-how to the next generation of high-tech entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs create jobs. CESP is a way for us to work together, maximizing the impact of CERN to society, while contributing to economic growth.” Giovanni Anelli, CERN’s Knowledge Transfer Group Leader

The pilot phase is scheduled for summer 2018, but for this to happen, external funding is crucial.

We believe that investing in young people’s development by means of high-tech entrepreneurship training is investing in an innovative and sustainable future. Today, you have a concrete possibility to make this a reality and spark a brighter future for the young generation. Visit the dedicated page and find out how you can support CESP.