The Aquae Foundation supports the Spanish Teacher Programme 2017

The Aquae Foundation supports the Spanish Teacher Programme 2017

Fri, 16/06/2017 - 14:36


In 2017, the Spanish Teacher Programme is supported in part by the Aquae Foundation as part of its commitment to promote science education, entrepreneurship and innovation.

Aquae Foundation will fully fund 20 high school science teachers to come to CERN in June 2017. The programme gives the teachers the possibility to attend an intensive 5-day training including lectures by CERN scientists, hands-on activities and dedicated sessions on how teachers can bring modern physics into the school classroom. Teachers play a crucial role in nurturing future generations of scientists as they can engage more students to scientific studies and careers.

The Spanish Teacher Programme is part of the CERN’s National Teacher Programmes, a series of courses offered on-site at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland, in the context of CERN’s overall education efforts to promote the teaching of modern physics and increase knowledge exchange between teachers and scientists. Since the programmes began in 1998, CERN has trained more than 10,000 high school teachers from more than 70 countries in modern physics, organising around 40 courses annually. 

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