2016, a great year for CERN & Society!

2016, a great year for CERN & Society!

Tue, 21/03/2017 - 15:34


With the end of 2016, CERN & Society has marked its 3rd year of activities. In this last year alone, we achieved many great things, thanks to incredibly generous people.

More than 1500 high school students gained science, technology and engineering skills by participating in the Beamline for Schools competition. On top of that, the 2014 winners from the Netherlands published the first Beamline for Schools scientific paper on the IOP Science.

60 high-school science teachers were trained on the latest discoveries and achievements in physics, and the 4th CERN - UNESCO School on Digital Libraries took place in Ghana, during which 30 local librarians and IT specialists were taught how to build a digital library for the empowerment and sharing of African scientific knowledge.

Moreover, 14 Summer Students were supported, and more than 100 hours of Open Source Software development were possible. Finally, 4 artists were awarded with a residency at CERN to promote the dialogue between artists and particle physics.


All of this, because of some very special people, our donors, our superheroes! Join our community of superheroes, give now to CERN & Society.