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#LIGHTtheirSpark is the regular giving programme of the CERN & Society Foundation, which offers you the chance to nurture the talent, ingenuity and ability of hundreds of students, teachers and scientists every year. By lighting the spark of their creativity, you will allow them to learn, discover, and inspire the world with their scientific curiosity.

CERN stands for excellence, diversity and collaboration. Talent from every corner of the world comes every year to join in its world-class scientific research and experience its melting pot of cultures and nationalities, with the sole objective of advancing the frontiers of human knowledge. This unique spirit of scientific curiosity has led to many discoveries, which have improved our society time and time again.

The CERN & Society Foundation supports a portfolio of projects aimed at promoting CERN’s mission and bridging the gap between science and society. That’s what we can accomplish with your help!

Join the #LIGHTtheirSpark programme and shape the future of science!

Your support will inspire hundreds of people to be extraordinary. Even the smallest contribution will make a difference.

You’ll join a network of change makers; your name will appear in the CSF Annual Review; you’ll receive a membership card.
Previous benefits + you’ll receive CSF gadgets; you’ll have access to an online CERN visit once a year; you can take part in project polls.
Previous benefits + you’ll have the possibility to write a donor testimony for the Annual Review; you’ll be invited to a special yearly CERN event.
Previous benefits + you can request a 15-minute call with one of our scientists.


Why does a regular donation make the difference?

By choosing to make a regular monthly donation, you can help us:

  • secure a reliable source of funding, which means that our long-term planning can be far more effective;
  • lower our administrative costs;
  • react more quickly and efficiently in times of emergency.

In addition, a regular donation means you are in control of your giving. Rather than donating reactively, you can be proud that your gift is considered, planned and intentional. You decide how much you give each month, and you can change that amount at any time depending on your finances.