Ignite the spark of scientific curiosity

"For many high school students, especially those from low income or minority backgrounds, it’s often difficult to see the value of studying STEM subjects. This project provides them with leading edge hardware they can use in their classrooms, the same device used in space, in hospitals and in museums." 

- Michael Campbell, MediPix project leader


Involve more than 20.000 students all over the world in STEM Education thanks to TimePix. 

What do spectroscopic X-ray imaging in medicine, monitoring radiation in space, studying our cultural heritage, and analyzing viruses have in common? They can all be performed using the innovative MediPix and TimePix chips, developed at CERN through a collaboration of academic institutes.

The Global Challenge

According to a report by the World Economic Forum, there is estimated to be a global shortage of over 85 million skilled workers by 2030, with the largest gap in technology and engineering. One of the reasons behind this gap is the lack of diversity and inclusivity in many STEM workplaces and programs. TimePix aims to bridge the skills gap by fostering scientific curiosity and promoting fair access to STEM education.

Investing in Education

Education is the cornerstone of progress. By investing in TimePix, you're not just funding a project; you're investing in the dreams and aspirations of countless students around the world. You're opening doors of opportunity, breaking down barriers, and empowering the next generation of scientists.

Our approach

Through the establishment of regional hubs, either is schools or universities we're bringing TimePix technology directly into classrooms across CERN Member States, Associate Member States, and beyond. These hubs will serve as beacons of innovation, distributing 400 TimePix kits and teaching materials to local schools and ensuring that every child, regardless of location or background, has access to qualitative and hands-on science educationStudents will get the chance to observe radiation in their classroom environments using the same devices which are used at CERN, on the International Space Station, in hospitals and in museums.

Your Impact

As a donor, you play a central role in our project. Your contributions enable us to expand our reach, develop innovative teaching materials, and provide essential resources to schools and students. By igniting the spark of teenagers’ scientific curiosity with TimePix, you are directly impacting their futures and empowering them to reach their full potential.

Together, we can make a lasting impact on STEM education and workforce diversity. Join us in supporting TimePix in classrooms and empowering tomorrow's scientists.

To have more information on how to become a partner, send us an email to: partnerships.fundraising@cern.ch


What is TimePix?

TimePix is one of the chips developed by the Medipix Collaborations. After 30 years of project impact on different societal applications, we are now ready to make TimePix more widely available in high schools. The TimePix kit chip has been used in a number of successful pilot projects in schools, to be sure that it responds to the needs of its users: students.

How does it work? 

TimePix DetectionDid you know that we are always surrounded by radiation? Like background radiation, a natural form always present in every environment. We are constantly hit by cosmic rays, particles produced by stars or black holes, that travel through us every minute. Even the dust all around us can be a source of radioactivity.

But how do they work? It can be difficult to understand radiation and how powerful it can be as a tool.

Using TimePix as visual aid, you will give as many students as possible the chance to be hands-on with science. Designing experiments that will enable them to perceive radiation all around them and how it interacts with matter.

In the image*, you can see an example of a detection taken with TimePix, and how different sources of radiation are represented by different shapes and colors. This makes TimePix intuitive to use and creates the spark of curiosity, in young people as much as in adults.

(*a single frame showing background radiation in half an hour exposure, and its probable interpretation.)

What is TimePix impact?

The TimePix and Medipix chips have "reached places others cannot reach" by permitting new applications such as those in medical imaging and space exploration. Our data showed that the interest in science of students who were able to use the TimePix chip was doubled. Moreover, TimePix is actively contributing to 5 of the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

SDG's Goal

Our main goals by 2030: 

  • Build an international network to spread scientific curiosity;

  • Involve 20.000 students all over the globe into STEM education;

  • Increase international and national collaboration creating more than 35 Hubs for TimePix Kits. 


Whether you are part of a company interested in investing in STEM educational projects, a foundation or an individual, reach out to know more about this project and possible partnerships opportunities at: partnerships.fundraising@cern.ch