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You can partner with us


There are many ways to support the CERN & Society Foundation. No matter how or what you give, your donation will make a difference! 

Get in touch with us, whether you are a foundation, a private company or an individual, and find out how you can support our projects. Alternatively, donate here.

You can become an advocate

Help us mobilise public interest and support for our initiatives by becoming an advocate for CERN and the CERN & Society Foundation. By facilitating contacts within your networks, and highlighting our activities, you can make a valuable contribution to our cause. Learn more about our programme by subscribing to our newsletter, and get in touch. 

You can volunteer

If you have a CERN affiliation and you would like to occasionally donate part of your free time to our good cause, sign up to the CERNSociety-Volunteer e-group to become a CERN & Society volunteer! With a good dose of enthusiasm and spirit, you could be vital to the success of our events around the laboratory.

You can establish a legacy

You may have reached a point in your life at which you are considering your long-term legacy. We encourage you to include the CERN & Society Foundation in your considerations, and leave a gift to the future generation of scientists.


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