Christmas Campaign


Here at the CERN & Society Foundation, we know that talent is out there, but for many students, pursuing a career beyond the classroom is sadly not an option: they don't have the financial means or they lack the facilities to access specialised education and hands-on training.

The Non-Member State Summer Student Programme represents a unique opportunity for students from around the world, especially from less advantaged countries, to spend their next summer getting involved in some of the world’s biggest scientific experiments at CERN. For most of the students, their summer at CERN will represent a lot of firsts. The first time they will travel abroad, the first time they will work in a fully-equipped physics laboratory, the first time they will meet fellow students from different cultural backgrounds.

Please help us to help them. After all, they are the future scientists of tomorrow. Can you help light their spark?


This Holiday Season, we also want to try something for the first time. Starting December 3rd, and every day until Christmas, for every CHF 60+ donation to the #LIGHTTHEIRSPARK Campaign, you will receive one of the bestselling items from the CERN Gift Shop in Geneva, while supplies last. If you are not planning to visit our shop any time soon, this is the only possibility you might have to get your hands on an original CERN-branded item.


Summer Students 2019
Workshops, Lectures, Summer Student Drink and other events (Image: CERN)

This Holiday Season, you can ignite the potential of a student in need. Make the difference in their life!

Disclaimer: As the Laboratory will be closed from Saturday, 21 December 2019 to Sunday 5 January 2020 inclusive, shipping might be subject to delays. We are not responsible for shipping delays due to third parties.

Donate by December 13th to increase your chances to get your gift by Christmas' Day. Stock is limited, so hurry up!